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Do you enjoy reading books, making them, or have you consumed a few? To learn how this author and illustrator went from chewing on a few pages to creating books, see About the Arthur.

Discover little-known facts about the award-winning works of Arthur Dorros, including the inside ''story behind the story" of how each book came to be, in All About Books.

Get writing and illustration tips, useful hints that will help you create your own books, and classroom and other activities for all ages in Escape From the Third Grade.

Or find out what happens at Arthur's popular visits to schools and conferences in Author Visits.

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RETURNED FROM SOUTH AMERICA, where I was bringing copies of the new book ABUELO to Argentina to give to people who helped inspire it. Friends, gauchos (Argentine cowboys), visits to schools in South America, and to the Amazon: caimans, sloths, piranhas, pink dolphins, and more!


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A boy and his grandfather find freedom riding the plains. Wherever they go, their bond remains strong across miles and time.

Howl, chirp, squawk aren't just noises, animals are talking. Find out what they are saying! Fun science.

Papá and Me PAPÁ AND ME
An ordinary day turns exciting for a boy and his father. A Pura Belpré Honor Book. New in paperback.

Under the Sun UNDER THE SUN A Novel, NEW E-BOOK!
A teenage boy must use his wits to survive a journey across war-torn lands. A captivating and intrigue-filled story.
What's New