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Animals Talk - Arthur Dorros, 2014    ANIMALS TALK

by Arthur Dorros
illustrations by Gerald Kelly
with photographs by Max Waugh
(Scholastic, 2014)

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Bark, squeak, chuckle, roar, those might sound like just noises to us, but animals are talking. Animals have a lot to say to one another. Find out the fascinating ways that elephants and whales to ants and frogs communicate, using sounds, smells, even dances. Have fun, discover amazing facts and photos, keep talking, and listening!

Story behind the story

I have enjoyed seeing animals and hearing them talk for as long as I can remember. When I was little I often heard crickets chirping, frogs peeping and croaking, birds singing and calling, and on some summer nights noisy cicadas clattering louder than a band playing wild music. Turtles clacked, and a rabbit that was the size of a dog once lived in my backyard, although it didn't bark or talk much. I learned to recognize the sounds of many animals, and think of a writer or a scientist as being like a detective, always looking for clues. While researching for this book I began to understand more about what animals are saying, and hope that you will enjoy finding out as well. Keep talking, and listening!

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