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Animal Tracks, Arthur Dorros. NY: Scholastic, 1991.

Star Review Animal tracks collage:

1) Think of an animal that you like, perhaps one that lives nearby. Draw the animal on colored paper and cut it out.

2) Paint watercolor washes for the background areas of the animal's environment. (Cover the paper with the areas of color washes.)

3) Add details with dry-brush painting, or drawing.

4) Glue the animal onto the page.

5) Talk and think about shapes of the animal's feet. Add tracks to the collage with marker or dry-brush painting.

Laytonsville Elementary School, Laytonsville, MD
Laytonsville Elementary School, Laytonsville, MD

Star Review Search for animal tracks in your area. Make plaster casts of the tracks by pouring a wet mix of plaster of Paris or patching plaster into the tracks and then let the plaster set up before picking up. Label with animal identity.

Star Review Make drawings of tracks observed. Discuss shapes of feet and particular functions of the feet for various animals.

Star Review Make a list of different animals to be found in your area, and what "animal signs" (for example nests, scat, markings) might be observed for each animal in addition to tracks. Special thanks to Ellen Crandall, Art Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland.

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