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Alligator Shoes, Arthur Dorros. NY: Dutton. 1982.

Star Review Read a book about real alligators and discuss the way they live and their habitats. Make a list of the differences between Alvin and real alligators. (This can be a group activity.)

Star Review Use a map and identify where alligators live in the United States.

Star Review Create mobiles to hang in your room or the media center. Have students work in groups of four and have them each design two kinds of footwear for the mobile. Use yarn or string and old wire hangers.

Star Review Create a display with shoes. Students could bring in treasured shoes, such as baby shoes, cowboy boots, wedding shoes, etc.

Star Review Write creative stories about the life of a shoe told from the shoe's perspective.

Star Review Discuss other shoe styles that Arthur Dorros might have included in his story. Draw pictures of the alligator in the shoes.

Star Review Imagine that you were locked in a store like Alvin. What kind of store would it be? What would you do? Write a story based on this possible experience.

Star Review Read stories about alligators and about shoes. Read a Lyle book by Bernard Waber. Do you think that they would be friends? Think of things they might do together and draw a picture of them.

Star Review Alligator Shoes is a "Reading Rainbow" book. Using a television guide, locate the time and channel on which this program is aired.


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Danny's Birthday, Edith Kunhardt. NY: Greenwillow Books, 1986. (et al)

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Shoes, Elizabeth Winthrop. NY: Harper & Row, 1986. Special thanks to Ric Blank, MILS, Sandy Hill Elementary, Jenison, Michigan, and Marja Eloheimo for activities and lesson plans.

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