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This Is My House, Arthur Dorros. NY: Scholastic. 1992.

Star Review  Make a list of all of the different words that mean house (e.g. dwelling, apartment, igloo, etc.).

Star Review For a final project, have the students form groups and have them research a type of house. Have them build a model. Display finished products in the media center for all to see.

Star Review Have the students illustrate their own homes. Find objects for them to give texture for their drawings. (i.e., have a brick available for them to color over to get the texture of brick. Pieces of wood and leaves would also work.)

Seth Lewelling Elementary, Milwaukie, Oregon
Seth Lewelling Elementary, Milwaukie, Oregon

Star Review Explore the languages which are or have been spoken in students' families.

See thematic unit from Frank Schaffer's Schooldays, Feb/Mar. 1995, for further ideas. Special thanks to Ric Blank, MILS, Sandy Hill Elementary, Jenison, Michigan, and Marja Eloheimo for activities and lesson plans.

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